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For over 30 years, we have been providing our clients with honest, affordable and dependable automotive care.

We service both Foreign and Domestic cars and trucks.
We guarantee our work.

Our ASE certified mechanics provide quality service for over 30 years in Jupiter, and work hard to get your vehicle back to you as soon as possible.

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What We Offer

For over 30 years in Jupiter, we only use quality, industry approved parts to ensure your safety and maintain your vehicles value.

We maintain our low / affordable prices for one key reason:

Si habla espanol! (or ‘We speak fluent Spanish!)

We build Lifetime Customer relationships with our clients, treating them like family.

Si, habla espanol! (or ‘We speak fluent Spanish!)

We provide quality maintenance service and repairs to most Foreign and Domestic cars and trucks:

Chevrolet / GMC / Ford / Dodge / Cadillac / Honda / Nissan / Toyota

Tune Ups

Our Services Range From:


We provide oil changes, and checking of all fluids, to major repairs like engine replacement.


We check the complete system from a recharge, to maintenance service and repairs.


When you need your engine checked; from tune up to repairs, or even complete engine replacement, Mike’s Auto Repair located in Jupiter, Florida has you covered…Tune Ups too.


We provide ASE certified brake adjustments, to ABS (Anti-Locking Brake System) service and any major brake repairs.


The Electrical system service; covers door locks, power windows, brake lights, head lights, turn signal lights, dashboard lights (including ‘check engine’ or ‘service’ lights), ignition system, and EFI (electronic fuel injection) system.


The Suspension and Steering service; we check all shock absorbers, tie rods, ball joints, and provide service for new tires, and front end alignments.


At Mike’s Auto Repair Jupiter we will provide a comprehensive review for your existing car or truck, or as a Pre-Purchase Vehicle Evaluation.

Frequently Asked Questions

In everyday driving, you get used to what your car sounds like when it’s running properly. So when you hear a noise that’s unusual – a whine, creak, or squeal, for example – consider it an alert that something has changed. By paying attention to those sounds, you can often catch a minor problem before it becomes a major one. So turn down the radio and listen for these:

Squealing Brakes

Several things can cause this. If you hear squealing only during braking, especially light braking, it’s probably caused by a vibration at the brake pads. Squealing doesn’t affect your braking performance and, while it’s annoying,

If you hear a similar high-pitched squeal from the brakes while the car is moving but it stops when you step on the brake pedal, it can be a sign that your brake pads have worn down and need changing soon. It is a normal warning sound, because most of today’s cars have a soft-metal tab on the brake pads that contacts the brake rotor when the pads have worn to a certain point.

What To Do

Bring it into Mike’s Auto Repair Jupiter and have them inspect the brakes. In the case of the squeal during braking, we may be able to apply a lubricant to quiet the vibration.

561-743-4588 | Mike’s Auto Repair Jupiter

Squeals under the hood
If you hear this while revving the engine or when first starting it while cold, the noise is often due to a slipping drive belt. The belt could need adjusting or it could be glazed (the sides look shiny), which means it requires replacement.

What To Do

Come on into Mike’s Auto Repair in Jupiter, Florida to take a look over the drive belts and replace them if necessary.

561-743-4588 | Mike’s Auto Repair Jupiter

Light rattling in the engine
This might be pinging, which can sound like tiny marbles bouncing around inside the engine, and usually occurs while accelerating or climbing ab incline. It’s often due to using gas with too low an octane rating and can begin occurring in older engines because of carbon buildup. Severe pinging can damage the engine. Engine overheating can also cause pinging, which can indicate a serious problem.

What To Do

Check your coolant temperature gauge. If the temperature is normal, try using premium gasoline. If that doesn’t correct the pinging, have the car checked by Mike’s Auto Repair Jupiter. If the temperature is high, stop driving and check the coolant level, but don’t add water until the engine has cooled. Then have the cooling system inspected by Mike’s Auto Repair Jupiter.

561-743-4588 | Mike’s Auto Repair Jupiter

Rhythmic thumping
If the noise increases and decreases with the speed of the car, it’s probably a tire problem, such as torn rubber in the tread, a bubble in the sidewall, or a flat spot. If so, you’ll often feel a vibration through the steering wheel as well.

What To Do

Have the tires inspected as soon as possible. Torn rubber or a bubble could lead to a blowout, so get new tires. A flat spot is annoying but not serious. Mike’s Auto Repair Jupiter can provide you some new tires at a great price.

561-743-4588 | Mike’s Auto Repair Jupiter

Hissing beneath the hood
It’s most likely a vacuum leak, caused by a cracked or disconnected vacuum hose. Your engine could also be running or idling rough and the “check engine” light could be on.

What To Do

If it’s a disconnected hose, you may be able to reconnect it yourself. Or take the car to you local mechanic – Mike’s Auto Repair Jupiter.

561-743-4588 | Mike’s Auto Repair Jupiter

The Service Report

Current News about Auto Repairs and Auto Maintenance – For more auto reports click here.

Whoohoo! As good as it gets!

I have been looking for a sincere professional to take care of my 10 year old car. I finally found Mike, Helen and Dave. My main man who assures me he will treat my car as his own. I really didn’t believe such a place existed. I went to an oil change at Eco Lube.... read more

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Great service to go along with awesome prices. These guys are professionals who treat you as if you were family. I always recommend Mike’s to my friends.

Fantastic service, great pricing and Mike got it done when he said he would, I would recommend Mike’s Auto Jupiter to any one that needs a great mechanic and great pricing, keeping the rubber side down, thanks again. Jason M

Great service and wonderful staff. I’ll never go anywhere else. VV L

Keeping You On The Road


We provide quality maintenance service and repairs to most Foreign and Domestic cars and trucks:

Chevrolet / GMC / Ford / Dodge / Cadillac / Honda / Nissan / Toyota

Our ASE certified mechanics provide quality service, and work hard to get your vehicle back to you as soon as possible.
Si, habla espanol! (or ‘We speak fluent Spanish!)

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